Welcome to Oh, Olive!

Oh, Olive! provides consumers with the unique opportunity to sample some of the freshest and finest extra virgin olive oils in the world! Offering a broad selection of award winning and estate produced Delizia olive oils, our goal is to provide the finest quality oil that is both delicious and affordable.

Over 95% of olive oil production takes place in the Mediterranean region from Syria in the east, to Spain (the largest producer) and Morocco in the west. Our extra virgin oils come from Spain, Argentina, Australia, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, and also California.

We provide an extensive selection of the finest aged vinegars from Modena, Italy which includes 23 different varieties such as pomegranate, tangerine, grapefruit, black cherry, and red apple.

In addition to our fine oils and vinegars, we feature imported specialty green, white, black, rooibos ( herbal infusions) and oolong (full-bodied, fragrant, and fruity) Tiesta Tea. Our teas provide consumers with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and a selection of 35 varieties that are divided into the main categories of Slenderizer, Immunity, Relaxer, Energizer and Forever Young.

Our natural Rossi Pasta products and Galena Garlic Company spices, rubs, and salts are the perfect complement to our oils, vinegars, and teas. Complete with the finest, most delectable sauces , these pasta products smell like fresh baked bread when opened! They are sure to provide the most discriminating pasta connoisseur with an exceptional culinary delight! We even stock chocolate tagliarini, a decadent dessert pasta to be served with fresh raspberries, shaved chocolate, and vanilla sauce!

Since there is no substitute for individual experience, we invite you to visit Oh, Olive! to taste and sample all of our products and begin the journey of "Health for Life". You just may have to purchase a beautiful "Merry Travels" bag to take along with you!